Sports Genius Trivia

Challenge your sports trivia knowledge with over 30,000 trivia questions. Play sports trivia about your favorite teams, sports or regions. Challenge your friends and compete in events against other sports trivia geniuses. Put your brain in the game.™


General Quiz – Train to be a Sports Genius and improve your sports trivia knowledge. Play sports trivia quizzes about randomly chosen sports topics.

Team Quiz – Go deep, sharpen your skills and become a super fan. Play sports trivia quizzes about your favorite sports team.

Sports Quiz – Pick a pro or amateur sport and challenge your sports trivia knowledge about all the teams in the league.

Region Quiz – Play sports trivia about all the teams in specific geographical regions. Challenge yourself and learn sports trivia facts about your local teams.

Challenges – Find out who’s the ultimate Sports Genius in your social network. Invite your friends Facebook friends and email contacts to play a sports trivia quiz about your favorite sports, teams or local region.

Scoreboard – Check out how rank amongst other Sports Geniuses. Compare your performance on trivia quizzes against other by team, sport, region and general trivia.

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