Spooooky is the most trendy whack-a-mole game with 3 zones, 21 stages, 16 phantoms and 3 endless modes.

※ Gameplay Trailer ※

※ Story ※

You have decided to explore an abandoned ancient place alone at night. It is exciting, and now, you are here. You find a Golden Box and curiously open it. Phantoms comes out! Your only weapon in hand is a plunger. Plunge them back at the Dark Forest, Gloomy Castle and Mystery Garden!

※ Highlights ※

#1 whack-a-mole game that can multi-play with your friends and challenge others online! (Game Center required)

– 21 challenging stages!
– Level up to equip yourself!
– Frightening screams by phantoms when you plunge them!

※ Mission Stages ※

You plunged phantoms, but now they challenge you! Are you ready?

※ Boss Stages ※

Bosses at different zones. Uncover and plunge them! You can obtain powerful items if you successfully beat them!

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