SplitScreen: The Game

Editor Picked by Best10Apps.com: “A Great SplitScreen game will challenge your brain now!”

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Although misleadingly simple, SplitScreen offers players endless challenge. All you have to do is to get from the starting point to the end point by traveling on ’tiles’. But here’s the catch – the screen is split into 4 sections! Each tile is only displayed on one of the 4 screens, while your character is on all 4! Make your way through a maze of tiles over several different landscapes to reach the end!

In addition, compete with other players in online leaderboards to claim the first place rank! The best of the best can strive to enter the Hall of Fame, by first beating the game on “Hard” and finally on “Insane”!

Be sure to check out my website and become a member at www.victorzhougames.webs.com !

Made by Victor Zhou

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