Splatter the Difference

Come play with us. With friends. Or with other lost souls.
A solo or multi-player spot the difference game that will scare your pants off.

Based on the popular game Splat the Difference, this version has had a makeover for Halloween.

– Instead of paint, we have blood splatter.
– Instead of sandcastles, haunted houses.
– Instead of cats, devilish creatures you wouldn’t even want to name.
– Instead of flowers, creepy crawlies.
– Instead of firefighters, psychopaths.

You get the idea.

Plus, zombies, skeletons, witches and … clowns!

Features more than 50 ghastly puzzles, all included for free.

Play classic mode against the clock and see how long you can survive. Also unlock:

☆ Untimed – Take your time and look around. Try to ignore what’s looking back.
☆ Mirror – One picture is flipped. Is everything as it appears?
☆ Memory – Use memory alone to spot differences. Will your mind play tricks on you?

If you have any questions or comments please send an email to support@lightwoodgames.com. We cannot reply to you if you leave messages in your reviews, so please contact us first if you’re having any problems. Thanks!

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