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Spirit HD is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Spirit HD iPad Review

We play a lot of HD versions of games that don’t include any new content. Some aren’t worth your time, but others are actually more enjoyable due to the larger screen, and that’s how we’d describe Spirit HD. With more space to move you spirit around, this casual title will haunt your iPad for a while.

Spirit HD is quite original. You must circle around enemies in order to create a dimensional flux and suck them in. Circling many enemies at once, or multiple enemies of the same type in succession, gives you bonus points. The goal is to clear out as many enemies as possible without losing all three of your lives.

As you progress through the game, more challenging enemies will appear. Some of these shoot lasers, move quickly back and forth, or sporadically start and stop. There are also enemies that have a captured spirit trailing behind them. Encircling just the baddie without getting the captured spirit caught in the fray will set it free, after which you can consume it for an extra life.

All it’s missing are the pyrotechnics.

From the get-go you can access two game modes: Normal and Extreme. They are pretty much self-explanatory, the latter being a hard mode that starts off with tons of enemies on the screen. Both have separate online leaderboards through OpenFeint that tell you each person’s high score and the round they reached in that run.

The difficulty curve of Spirit HD is a little daunting to newcomers. You’ll certainly die a lot before learning the ins and outs. A nice feature to remedy this is adjustable sensitivity for the touch controls. You’ll want to test each of these out until you find the setting that best fits you.

If you don’t own an iPad, you can also check out the iPhone version of the game for the same $1.99 price tag. It’s an enjoyable action game that you’ll want to keep coming back to.