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SpinCraft Review

Apparently, even outer space has the “30 minutes or it’s free” rule for pizza delivery. At least, that’s the loose premise of SpinCraft, Bulkypix’s new 3D platformer. You play as Pyp, a down-on-his-luck pizza deliveryman who isn’t too good at his job. From the opening cut scene, we learn that Pyp tends to get sidetracked while delivering pizza, and that is definitely the truth. Your boss sends you off with one pizza to deliver, which will prove whether or not Pyp deserves to keep his space pizza delivery job, and that’s where it all starts.

Each level involves you steering Pyp’s flying saucer/ pizza delivery vehicle through floating environments and collecting golden crystals. Ironically, at no point do you actually deliver pizza. Your goal is, instead, to collect all three golden crystals in each level. There are also other colored crystals you can smash, which earns you points and in-game currency. You will also need to avoid the baddies scattered throughout the game and maneuver around the levels without plummeting to your death.

Should’ve brought the golf clubs.

Your vehicle is controlled using three onscreen buttons. The first is the joystick for your vehicle, moving it in whatever direction you need. The second is a jump button, which you will need to avoid falling in every gap. Holding the jump button also causes your ship to float for a short period of time, so that you can get over long gaps of space. The final button is the spin, which cracks crystals and attacks enemies.

When you need to look around the level and figure out your next step, you can swipe your finger across the screen. The camera, however, is likely to induce headaches. SpinCraft does not offer sensitivity options in the game preferences, and even moderate swipes cause the game’s camera to spin rather wildly. Even the joystick for your vehicle’s direction is overly sensitive, and you’ll probably slide backwards more often than you’d like.

The fungus among us.

The game also features ads. It’s actually more like Spincraft is a fun diversion that fills the time between each ad. Not only are there ads at the bottom of the screen in menus, but there are also ads that will fly into view and take up the majority of the screen when you complete a level. While we appreciate Bulkypix offering a 3D game for free, these ads are some of the most obnoxious we’ve experienced.

We also experienced some game-stopping glitches pretty early on. Once the game simply crashed, while another time we found ourselves falling to our death while sitting firmly on a solid platform.

Spincraft is a fun platformer with perhaps more than a passing resemblance Super Mario Galaxy, and while some gamers may find that a nice surprise in the App Store, we wish it offered more of a solid experience. Instead, the game features a migrane-inducing camera and seriously distracting ads. SpinCraft looks great and has goofy characters, but those don’t make up for the lackluster platformer experience.