SPiN – Super Shape Puzzle

– IGN Wireless Awards

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“It doesn’t seem like matching silhouettes would be awesome, I know. But it is, in fact, totally awesome.” – PENNY ARCADE

“Fantastic from top to bottom, SPiN is heartily recommended.” – IGN

“This exceptional puzzle game shouldn’t be missed.” – SLIDE TO PLAY

Train your fingers to be as fast as the eye in this game of silhouettes and shape recognition!

SPiN is simple, colorful and fun. “Rotate and match objects for a high score” – that sums it up in one sentence. Well, there’s more, but you’ll learn all about chain combos and unlockable trophies when playing the game.

Together with stylized visuals and the cheeriest soundtrack ever, SPiN is easy to pick up but infinitely challenging. We mean it – the game starts out casually, but keep playing and you’ll discover the quickest game on the iPhone!

· Best Puzzle Game of 2008, IGN Wireless Award
· IGN Editors’ Choice Award
· iLounge 100 Best iPhone Apps + Games Selectee
· Most Innovative Mobile Game, Game Developer Conference
· Best mobile game, Forum Nokia PRO Award Winner
· Most Innovative Game, IMGA Nominee

· Multi-touch rotation controls
· 10 difficulty levels with 100 stages
· 11th difficulty level for the insane
· Unlockable trophy objects
· 4 different game modes
· Chain Combos and Bonus Multipliers!
· 100 different 3D objects
· Streaks, stars and flashy stuff!
· Unique and stylized visual design

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