Spin The Nut Lite

**A puzzle game you’ll go nuts for!!!**

Follow a day in the life of Azoo, the cutest squirrel ever!

As Summer ends, and Winter approaches, Azoo must gather as many nuts together for the cold months ahead!

Your goal is to guide the nut to Azoo, but also to collect three golden nuts in every level within the time limit! The faster you collect the nuts, the better your score will be!

Timing is everything as you decide when to launch a nut from tree log to tree log. One bad move could mean Azoo goes hungry!

But be warned, there are also many obstacles to overcome including deadly spikes, saws and shocking electric barriers! (No-one said this would be easy!).

Can you help feed Azoo by guiding all the nuts to him?

Lite version Features:
*12 levels in 2 worlds !
*Introducing Azoo – a new videogame superstar!
*Many hazards to overcome!
*Variable gameplay – each world introduces a new game mechanic!
*Easy to play – hard to master – even harder to put down!
*Retina display graphics!

The Full version also Features:
*120 gorgeous levels spread across four wonderful worlds!
*Bonus levels at the end of every world!
*GameCenter Leaderboards!

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