Spin the Bouquet

“Spin the Bouquet”

Let Aren’t U Special’s “Spin the Bouquet” game and love dare stories complete your bridal shower evening with fun filled entertainment. Love dare stories are all unique and you can entertain your guests with this most unusual one. A fan FAVORITE, because it’s really fun AFTER it’s done…totally mischievous!

To play Spin the Bouquet game, touch screen and let the bouquet spin. Once the bouquet stops and the red arrow points to the number of a corresponding question, allow each guest at least 20 seconds to respond. Now record their response (fill-in) along with that person’s name or initials. Print form and instructions can also be found by visiting our website at arentuspecial.com.

When all 21 questions have been answered, read the “Love Dare” story with the answers and watch everyone’s reaction as the “LOVE DARE” story unfolds!”

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