Sphero Golf

Sphero’s best round yet.

The most innovative golf game now has better accuracy, improved course creation, and a new practice mode. Using simple, intuitive controls, you create a “hole” and then “hit” Sphero with a flick of a finger or a swing of your smartphone. Adjust your aim with simple 2-finger gestures. All that’s missing now is a caddy.

IMPORTANT: YOU NEED A SPHERO ROBOTIC BALL TO USE THIS APP. Visit GoSphero.com to get Sphero, learn more from our videos, or become part of the Sphero community.

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° Play a round of golf at home, in the office, or wherever you are.
° Practice mode: warm up your skills with practice shots.
° Flick mode: flick the virtual ball onscreen with your finger to make Sphero roll.
° Swing mode: swing your smartphone like a golf club to make Sphero roll.
° Choose from Driver, Iron, or Putter to take the most accurate shot.
° An interactive meter helps you judge how hard to swing.
° Use simple 2-finger gesture to aim Sphero.
° Create and save courses.

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