Sphere Roll Free

Sphere Roll is an interesting arcade game. It is the challenging game for player to operate smartly to achieve success at each level of the game. It is easy to play, but hard to master.
The game play concept is to move the Sphere Roll on the circles to drop the sphere. There are enemies on 4 sides firing bullets. Sphere Roll has to escape from enemy bullets. Movement of the Sphere Roll can be controlled by tapping on 4 sides of the play area. Each level brings new excitement and new challenge.

• 20 challenging levels with increasing complexity and cool graphics
• 3 life for the Sphere Roll to finish each level
• Upon launching the game you see bonus points displayed at the bottom. Bonus points will be decreasing until you finish the level.
• Complete the level as fast as you can and you score more points.
• Your game score + remaining bonus points = Your total score
• Sound effect and background music
Take on the challenge…………………….. Download it now!!!
Its FREE…………… FREE………….. FREE!!!

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