Spell Collapse

Spell Collapse is a revolutionary new word game, taking the genre to the next level with new and exciting features! If you enjoy games like Scrabble, Boggle or Spell Tower, then you’ll love Spell Collapse.

Spell Collapse has a board with a hexagon grid that fills with letters as you find words. Avoid letting the tiles reach the top by spelling longer words and using powerups. You can also find a word jumble and rearrange it on the board to spell your word! It’s easy to learn but challenging to master, requiring multiple strategies to find those longer words to clear more of the board and beat your high score.

– find words to destroy tiles
– find long words to also destroy surrounding tiles
– find a word jumble and rearrange it into a word
– collect colored dots from rare letters to earn powerups
– earn score multipliers for rare letters and longer words
– earn bonus points when clearing large areas
– find as many as a hundred words or more each time you play
– supports over 150,000 words up to 20 letters long

– bold letters must be used in two different words to destroy them
– different colored letters that can’t be used together

– Joker: use it as any letter
– Swapper: swaps positions with another tile
– Bomb: destroys surrounding tiles
– Slicer: destroys horizontal or diagonal rows of tiles

Spell Collapse shows the full game board on the iPad in Portrait mode, and it shows half the game board on the iPhone and iPod in Landscape mode using vertical scrolling to view the rest of the board.

You can see a video of Spell Collapse being played on an iPad Mini at spellcollapse.com

Questions or comments can be sent to info@spellcollapse.com

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