The quiz that just gets faster!

Think you know a quiz topic inside out ? Think you can still answer when it SPEEDS UP ?!

Want to test yourself against your friends, the world, or just see if you know ALL the answers on a certain topic ?


Would you like to learn a topic inside out in a fun and exciting way, that takes the boredom out of it ?

Who will be the greatest at ALL Football quizzes, ALL Golf quizzes, or the ultimate SpeedQuiz champion ?

Quizzes to be found so far….and growing (feel free to make suggestions!!)

Movie Quotes – Name the film
Artist Songs – Name the studio album
TV Soaps – Name the soap the character appears in
Reality TV ‘Winner’s – Who won

English Football – Name the Ground
English Football – Name the Division
English Football – Team Nicknames

U.S Masters – Name the champion
U.S Open – Name the champion
The British Open – Name the champion
U.S PGA – Name the champion

World Capital cities
U.S.A State Capitals

U.K. Kings and Queens
U.K. Prime Ministers
U.S.A Presidents

If you would like a quiz adding drop us a note !!!!

Coming soon….

More Movies
More Music
More TV
More Sport

Your SpeedQuiz
If you would like your very own version of SpeedQuiz, with your own images, branding and questions for your school, business, family, friends etc, then please contact us – it doesn’t cost the earth !

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