Speed Same Puzzle

Just erasing blocks is boring.
Play the thrilling puzzle game!

[How to play]
Align three or more blocks of the same color in a row or column to disappear.
Note: In Classic Mode, align two or more blocks.
The more blocks you erase at the same time, the more score you get!

[Play Mode]
There are three game modes.

・Classic Mode
No time restriction.
Eliminate blocks that fill up the screen.
The player will get bonus points, if all blocks disappear.

・Limited Time Mode
Erase blocks that come from the bottom in the allotted time.
A life point is reduced if the stack of blocks reaches the top.
How many blocks can you erase while keeping life points?

・Mission Mode
Eliminate designated blocks in the allotted time.
The game ends as soon as the stack of blocks reaches the top.
Erase the blocks while paying attention to the stacking blocks.

・If you are impatient…
Blocks will regularly appear from the frame at the bottom of the screen.
Tap the frame to bring the blocks up if you can’t wait.

・Special blocks
Tap a special block to make a unique effect.
・Clock:Increases the allotted time
・Bomb:Blows up surrounding blocks

The game supports online ranking.
Achieve the best score!

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