Speed Motor Racing Plus Game – How Far Can You Drive in 30 Seconds

NEWLY ADDED MULTIPLAYER!!! Race against your friends or random people!
How far can you drive in 60 seconds?

Test your reflex driving skill – are you better than your friends?

Amazing features:
– Best multiplayer modes: Race against your facebook friends, or random people around the world – pure fun!
– Instant excitement!
– Earn games for FREE!
– Avoiding cars, passing or jumping over them.
– POWERUP: increase your time limit – all you need is to drive over a time increase powereup. You can drive for a long time and rank higher in the leaderboard.
– POWERUP: increase your speed – drive over a speed boost powerup.

Crash into cars 3 times or run out of time and game is over!

So, can you prove you are the best?

Download NOW and join the drive.

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