Speed (Card solitaire game) 2L

Looking for a card game that is addictive and easy to get the hang of, and also lets you socialize with your friends?
Try the “Speed”!!!!!

To play the game, simply drag cards around with your fingers, and beat your friends by getting rid of all your cards first!
You will have great fun to play by yourself or with family and friends.

Isn’t it awfully boring to wait for the movie to start with your girlfriend? Try our game! Or you can introduce your parents with such a lovely game after dinner. They are sure to become big fans of this creativity-provoking card game.
Even a newbie can get started easily because dexterity outweighs complex operative skills. Just enjoy our game and have fun!

– Easy to master
– Attractive interface & intuitive control
– 8 Super-Cute & Super-Cool characters
– 3 Difficulty settings for Single player mode
– Enjoy playing head to head with your friends in VS mode

Enjoy “Speed” with your family and your friends in this festive season!

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