Spectrorium tests your sense of observation and ability to detect patterns.

Simple to learn but difficult to master.

In spectrorium, you must duplicate a pattern of colors made by colored buttons on a 5×5 grid. You do this by tapping buttons on the grid.

It looks easy enough but color changes resulting from you tapping a button follow strict rules that you must learn to master in order to reach the solution as fast as you can.

– 28 levels

– Each time a level is played, a new puzzle is generated randomly

– Play a level as often as you want to improve your best time

– Levels increase in difficulty as you go along by increasing the number of taps required to reach a solution and the numbers of colors in play. White levels (24 to 28) throw in even more complications.

– Once the 28 levels are completed, you can post the total of all your best times for each level on a Game Center leaderboard and see if you did better than your friends and other Spectrorium players.

– You can upgrade by purchasing 28 Advanced levels directly from the application. The upgrade also includes a grid generator to make your own levels (3×3 to 8×8), allowing you to yourself choose the number of taps for a solution, the number of colors in play, etc.

– Advanced levels require more taps for a solution and is played on a 6×6 grid with slightly different rules to make the puzzle even more challenging.

– Advanced levels have their own leaderboard on Game Center.

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