Spectre 3D

Jump in your tank and blow up the endless hordes of cyberspace in the fastest, smoothest action you will find on your iPhone or iPad! One of the most popular Mac games in history is now back and better than ever!

“Spectre jockey’s dream come true… white knuckle action…. an absolute instant buy.”
– Touch Arcade

“A perfect way to blast away your spare time… the multiplayer really shines… a must try.”
– AppSpy (video review)

Spectre includes two single player and four multiplayer games, with the ability to play either competitive or cooperative modes via Bluetooth, Internet/WiFi, or 3G.

One of the most unique and popular aspects of Spectre is the various types of multiplayer games. Once you are connected, you can look for your friend’s names above their cybertanks – whether they are playing across the room or across the country!

Multiplayer game access is fast and easy, allowing you to quickly host or join online games. Dedicated multiplayer game servers are also available in Spectre’s online Lobby, where you can join the ongoing action against other players and battle-ready, artificially-intelligent Cyberbots!

Transporting you even deeper into the virtual cyberworld, Spectre also includes an option for 3D anaglyph stereographic support! (3D glasses sold separately)

Single player games included:

* Spectre Classic
* Spectre VR
* Spectre Arcade

Multiplayer games included:

* Arena
* Capture the Flag
* Flag Rally
* Base Raid


* iPad Universal app!
* Retina display support
* Game Center leaderboards and over 25 achievements!
* All-new addictive Arcade mode!
* Up to 4 players over Bluetooth
* Up to 16 players via Internet or WiFi
* Totally customizable online game options and weapons configurations
* Control your cybertank with a resizable virtual joypad
* Weapons, shield and flight energy power-ups
* Host human versus Cyberbot online team battles
* Incredibly challenging, all-new “Base Raid” multiplayer game
* Defensive tactics include hyperspace teleporting and jump-strafing
* Spectre is the first-ever online, multi-player, stereo-3D game!

For more information visit www.spectre3d.com

Note to parents: Spectre is kid-friendly by design, offering fast-paced, shoot-em-up action without graphic language, content or violence.

© 1990-2011 Peninsula Gameworks. Spectre for iPhone/iPod/iPad developed by Brilliant Bytes Software, Inc. Spectre is a trademark of Peninsula Gameworks. All rights reserved.

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