Special Match

Special Match is a funny and crazy party game to play with your friends (from 2 to 35 players) at a party, at home or wherever you want. It’s an evolution of the games “truth or dare” and “spin the bottle”.
You can choose between 2 types of match: all vs all and males vs females. Each player has 3 lives and when you reach 0 lives you are out of the game, which means you have the ability to refuse (only 3 times) to execute or to receive 1 of 10 random actions plus 3 special events: ANIMAL PARTY where you have to imitate 1 of 10 random animals, SPECIAL SUTRA where you have to imitate together with a second random player 1 of 10 random positions and STRIP PARTY where you have to take off one of your clothes chosen by you. Other features of the game are: ability to insert name and sex of each player, autosave function of the players list and random matching of the playing couple.
Remember! The main rule of the game is “If you don’t play! You’re out of the game!”.

What are you waiting for!? Let’s do Bunga Bunga with Special Match!

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