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“It’s whack-a-mole on steroids! The music is upbeat, the graphics are fantastic, and the game play is just plain fun!”
– iPhone Life magazine

Whack the sly moles, rabbits, and gophers before they destroy the prairies, vegetable gardens, and flower beds! Be careful not to hit a cute fluffy kitty! This fast-paced game requires you to tap and shake the device to deter the vermin while picking up point bonuses, time bonuses, mallets, and extra lives.

“This game is definitely one of the best pick and play, kid-friendly games the AppStore has to offer… You get a highly polished game that will surely keep you entertained while on the go.” – The APPera

This will soon be your favorite iPhone or iPod touch game!

Awarded the BEST medal for applications which are of high quality and in great demand.

– Simple tutorial gets you playing right away.
– Fifteen levels of game play.
– Each level introduces new challenges, bonuses, and penalties.
– Tap single critters, multiple critters (bonus!), or shake the device to whack all the critters simultaneously (bonus!).
– Seven furry characters with different “personalities”.
– Achievements screen tracks high score, whack accuracy, critters hit and other stats while letting you challenge your friends!
– Detailed instructions include a score table for bonuses and penalties, along with tips for advanced game play.
– Original music and unique sound effects for each level.

“I highly recommend Spazzle… it it will give you many hours of fun and laughs.” – Joan Inong, Helium reviewer

You KNOW you love that finger-tapping fun, so go get the awesome sequel, Spazzle II: Disco Blitz now available!

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