You've been waiting for you, you can experience the game terminal with integrated race unfolding in Crazy World
It is the emergence of "Spartan Grand Prix".

【Game Description】
Tilt your car to operate the stylish iPhone,
Let us carefully fought the Grand Prix of all three races against rivals around the world.

【Acceleration too reckless】
Just like a real car in a comfortable acceleration, hard race will run through the specification of Spartans.

【Crazy BGM】
Large presence in high spirits BGM is very catchy

【With growth to match the player AI】
Enemy cars growing rapidly according to the player's dexterity
It is 50 years from the first game!

【Time Attack and users around the world in the GameCenter】
Will make known its presence around the world with the fastest beating out LAP

【Game Rules】
You can operate the stylish car with the left and right tilt back and forth directly to iPhone.
Axel facing up: to tilt back the terminal
Accelerator to bottom: tilt to the front terminal
Tilt to the right terminal: right turn
Tilt to the left the terminal: turning left

※ Be careful around, please enjoy to brighten a room when the play

★ ★ ★ works SpartanX Games ★ ★ ★
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· Pizabun'nageru
· Macaroons swelling
· Diagnosis and your ugly
· Hero-from looking for a job
· Diagnosis and diet frustration
· Tonight's side dishes
· Diagnosis and! Prime prime burger
· I do not do the crime diagnosis! Absolutely

It is a game app series by popular brand craftsmen polish application Numerology city of water, "Spartan X" in Ogaki, Gifu. Carefree twist out that was protruding out of life -
Please enjoy the work.

[Today] Apps25 pack # 25
Kiyoshi ball chopper applications apps talk is astringent Geki!

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