Spark Control

7/8 Featured by TiPB
A creative idea turned into reality can change the world. Only you can keep the spark of creativity energized and get it to the inventor’s box! Enjoy hours of play in this challenging physics game. Planning and precision are the keys to success. Layout your design and test it. Tweak it and test it again. Be brave. Experiment. You must succeed.

Get the Spark to the Inventor’s box
Gather three energy filled Suns on each level
Use as many of the tools as possible.
Choose your tools from the toolbox
Calculate angles and speed.
Aim for the longest run times.
Earn more tools
Re-play the levels
Leaderboard and 20 achievements defined. Coming soon to OF and GC

Put on your thinking cap, keep your wires straight and keep trying. A little spark can go a long way.
Game Play Video at YouTube:

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