Universal Rating: 4+

SPACEPLAN is a game from Devolver Digital, originally released 3rd May, 2017


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Story Clicker? I guess that’s what you’d call it — Spaceplan

It’s taken me a while to come around to the clicker genre. I still have a bit of a love/hate relationship with them. Some of them really suck time, but they just are not fun. I play them anyway — multiple times a day, sometimes for weeks. But hate myself for it. Others are just completely mindless and don’t really require any interaction at all.

Then there’s Spaceplan — it’s a much smarter version of the clicker — and I’d say it’s closer to a story based game like Lifeline than it is a clicker. The one real difference is that there’s really just one path to go on, unlike true story based games like the Lifeline series. That one issue aside, Spaceplan is a fun little story and well worth the cost if it offers a slight distraction from the real world for a few minutes.