Space Wolves

Space Wolves is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Space Wolves Review

Whenever a great game comes along and sees wild success, the clones inevitably appear to try to snatch some of that success for themselves. These games pay tribute to the original, and often introduce their own spin to the style to give them individual merit. Space Wolves is a clone of the wildly successful Angry Birds, but it really doesn’t live up to the standard that Angry Birds set.

Space Wolves puts you in the role of an astronaut, armed with a slingshot and a floating platform. The astronaut is on an unnamed space world, with presumably evil wolves populating it. We use those qualifiers because there is no attempt at plot or any introduction to the characters or the world. All you know is that you must use your slingshot and its three bullets to evaporate every wolf in all 30 levels.

Hungry like the wolf’¦ for spacemen.

Each level is a physics-based challenge, and you launch the bullets and attempt to bounce them around the level to hit the wolves. Sadly, you can’t skip any levels you get stuck on, nor do you ever get any more than three bullets. There are frequent and irritating loading times, and we found other occasional bugs, such as a bullet stopping in midair, or level progress not successfully saving.

The game does have adorable characters, though. The wolves, the astronaut, and the levels all have a cartoony style, and the wolves play jazz for you after every level. The music during the levels is great, and the sound effects are just as cartoony as the level art.

For serious fans of the type of gameplay that Angry Birds provides, this game has some merit. For everyone else, we would advise some caution– at least until and unless an update cleans it up a bit.