Space Spartan: Attack Of The Goblins

Futuristic armies clash in a war for dominion over the galaxy! Your enemy is advancing, and it is up to you and your mighty motorized steed to get as far beyond their line of defense as you can in order to bring an bring an end to the battle. But beware — the alien enemy is sending its best soldiers and war machines to halt your advance. Dodge them, or take them down with your powerful cannons! Show them that the knights of the future are the most courageous warriors in the galaxy!

Combining the aspects of both medieval knights and space-age technology, Star Inferno is an endless runner that lets the player fly past obstacles with precise touch screen controls. Your reflexes will be put to the test, as everything from robotic hornets to alien space marines stand in your way between you and the farthest distance imaginable. Featuring Gamecenter-supported leaderboards, unlockable knights, and more, this addictive game is out-of-this-world!

– 3 unique knights to play as and unlock!
– Challenging gameplay requiring fast reflexes and quick thinking!
– Precise controls that allow you to bypass danger with ease!
– Collectable crystals that allow you to purchase fantastic upgrades for your knights!
– Unlimited Health Mode, fun for all ages!

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