Space Slots

“The World’s #1 Slot Machine Simulator with amazing gameplay and action!

Travel the galaxy, plays slots from each planet, work your way throughout the galaxy to conquer the universe! 

NOTE: Space Slots is a fully socialized gaming experience like no other Slots game EVER made. Immerse yourself in this planetary diversion for hours and hours of entertainment on your iPhone, Ipad, or iPod Touch. Available in high definition retina display where available. 

-8 Exciting Planet Themes. More planets coming soon!
-Winner, winner, chicken dinner
-Play each planet’s mini-game for extra coins
-Exciting in game animations and special effects unlike any other social slots experience
-Free Spins, Wild Bonuses, and In-Game Specials
-Play 5 Reels with up to 30 lines
 – Invite your friends and compete for the top spot on our leaderboard!
 – Exchange gifts with friends, gift them coins, gift them free spins!
Please note – Space Slots is an immersive socialized gaming experience and must have an active internet connection to play. 

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