Space Sentinel

Space Sentinel is a point-of-view spaceship simulator, where you protect the homeworld from invading enemy fleet and incoming meteors.

Your spacecraft is our last remaining starfighter, although already damaged, it is still a pretty powerful and it is equipped with a scanners, dual lasers, targeting system, hyperdrive and shielding for the ship’s defence. When an enemy laser or asteroid hits it target, one layer of shielding is knocked off, and when there are none left the next collision destroys the ship.

Before shields are gone can you can recharge them and get the ship refueled by visiting homeworld until it runs out of supplies.

The enemyfleet is using different types of enemy ships in their invasion task force: swift, stealthy and unshielded small fighters, shielded/cloaked cruisers, bulky cargoships and four huge base station like warships.
The two smaller classes of enemyships fly around in packs of two or three while the larger enemy warships are waiting on the edge of the system.

The mission is to destroy all enemies and remaining asteroids located in starmap before fuel/energy runs out.

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