Space Runner Blast!

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#1 Space shooter runner game in the app store. Modern day Galaga / Asteroids / Space Invaders tribute.
Space Runner Blast is a fun, addictive runner set in space!

Very Cool ★★★★★
by TheDoJoe
This game is unlike anything else on the app store. I love it. I am glad to finally see something that is new and fresh and different than everything else out there! Good job on this game!! Highly recommend.

Awesome game! ★★★★★
by Honestguy20
I love this game! Amazing game play and super addictive. This game is a winner.

This arcade-style never ending runner / shooter features beautiful graphics and music as well as challenging game play. The obstacles in the game are randomized so each time you play its a new challenge.

Move your finger on the screen to control your ship’s path.

Tap and swipe to control your spaceship.

See how far you can fly without getting blown up.

Tap a location to “jump” your ship over asteroids or swipe your finger to have the ship avoid the obstacles and enemy fire.

Blast and blow up the obstacles and enemy spaceships with your missiles.

Collect coins to purchase shield and weapons upgrades and even new ships!

Share your high scores with your friends on Facebook.

Challenge your Facebook friends to see if they can fly farther than you and beat your high score.

Keep playing to become the #1 space runner blaster!

Give this game a try and you will be glad you did.

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High Scores:
55908 miles Josh Beaver
39862 miles Jeff Glancy
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