Space Roadkill

You’re alone on a distant planet surrounded by hordes of zombies, mutants, and monsters… so get in the car and drive as far as you can! Space Roadkill is a new action-adventure game where your main goal is to escape from the infected planet and get back to Earth.

Crush all the zombies that stand in your way by running them over or shooting them. Perform stunts and earn multiple achievements! Stay in the driver’s seat by picking up useful bonuses, earn cash to upgrade your ride, and unlock powerful new cars!

Drive your way through the infected zone and make it safely back to Earth!

•A variety of zombie types, mutants, and obstacles stand between you and escape
•Fully equipped garage with various upgrades for your car, from wheels, engine, and transmission, to weapons, turbines, and armor
•Various powerful vehicles to unlock
•Multiple repeatable achievements to earn
•Lots of useful items to keep you behind the wheel
•No ads

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