Space Research Free

Learn to fly the research ship! The game Space Research brings you to the origins of space exploration. Create a flight program for the space probe to send it to a specified location for collecting stuff and data for your scientific research.

It’s easy to fly the spaceship. To control one of its two engines, tap on “Timeline” at the bottom of the screen. One tap turns the engine on, the second tap turns it off. If both engines are turned on, the spaceship moves ahead; if only one engine is on, the ship turns to the left or to the right. After entering the flight program, tap on “Start” to start the mission. After that, the spaceship will be flying in a fully automatic mode and you will not be able to intervene at all, so please be very careful when creating the flight program.

Please understand that it’s a logic game, not some shooter.

When creating a flight program, keep in mind the following:
– If only the left engine is turned on, the spaceship moves to the right.
– If only the right engine is turned on, the spaceship moves to the left.
– It is more difficult to control the spaceship moving at a high speed.
– Sometimes you may want to turn engines for short bursts of time: It is useful for deceleration or for smooth acceleration.

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