Space Ranger SD


Space Ranger for iPhone is a fun space invaders type game designed for younger audiences. A request by my six year old son for something simple to use yet challenging to play.

Alien invaders to defeat, Comets to avoid, Huge explosions, Nukes, Crystals & Coins to collect, many levels, high score tracking etc.
All the things that get kids excited. Great graphics, sound effects and some music composed by me.

Enemies include:
– Blue Bad Guys, 1 hit, 1 point.
– Red Bad Guys, 5 hits “shield depletion”, 2 points.
– Green Bad Guys, 3 hits, 50 points.
– MotherShip, 4 Pulse cannons to beat then 20 hits to finish the level, 140 points.
– Arrays of photon torpedoes.
– Power up pulse canons.
– Heat seeking missiles.
– Deadly comets passing by.

Space Ranger:
– 100 lives/health.
– Ten health points for every level completed.
– Shields that take ten hits or one pulse cannon hit. “endless supply of shields”
– Single lasers, Dual lasers after 1000 points and yes, triple lasers after 2500 points.
– 5 Nukes to get you out of a jam.

Objects include:
– Green crystals, 10 coins.
– Red crystals, 20 coins.
– Shield power ups.

Just move your finger around the screen and stay alive. Supports both Portrait and Landscape orientations.

If you have an iPad, check out the iPad version. Space RangerHD

Have fun.

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