Space Pirate's

Are you skilled enough to defend your ship against Space Pirates? Man your gun turret and protect your precious cargo from pirates and other foreign objects coming at your ship.

Space Pirates utilizes Gyroscope control to target enemy ships and blast them out of the sky. You’ll feel like you’re really piloting a gun turret in space!

Visit the 8 planets in the Solar System to get better missions, purchase more advanced ammo, and show the pirates just what you’re made of.

Take on missions to destroy, deliver, clear-out meteors, and complete goals in a timely matter. Play Arcade Mode and see how long you can stay alive as the game gets harder after each stage.

Recommended System Requirements:
iPad 3+
iPhone 5+
iTouch 5+
Latest iOS

Min System Requirements:
iPad 2
iPhone 4
iTouch 4+
iOS 5.0 or higher, we strongly suggest upgrading to the latest iOS to ensure full support.

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