Space Monkey Maze – PRO

Follow Captain Sparky into outer space as he explores different maze platforms, including TRAP DOOR obstacles.

— PLEASE CALIBRATE your accelerometer using the Options menu before game play !!

Wonderful graphics to enhance your game experience and multi-player game center integration means you can play against other players and friends.

Use your iPhone/iPad tilt features (Accelerometer) to navigate through the maze, collect fuel rods and get to the other side of the maze where the main power collector awaits you and will allow you to convert your fuel into gold banana coins. Enjoy! ☺

Space Monkey Maze Features:

–Universal iPhone/iPad support
–Every maze layout is randomly generated so you will always have a new maze!
–Single player practice mode to improve your skills
–GameCenter – Multi-player mode to challenge other players and friends
–Accelerometer tilt movement to navigate monkey
–Move the monkey using touch points OR accelerometer
–Turn on/off music
–Turn on/off accelerometer support
–All levels are obtainable through normal game play
–Buy coin packs to unlock maps and space suits sooner
–3 Map environments (more coming!)
–Star Commander space uniform upgrade available
–Space Suit uniform upgrade available

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