Space Laser Race

Ever wish you could travel through space like an astronaut, with only a jet pack to propel you in zero gravity? Now you can, virtually. From an astronaut’s perspective, race against time to align a moving red laser onto a green target on different components of a space station. A radar at the top of the screen provides directional point of reference. Dual sliders simulate double joysticks astronauts use to maneuver through space.

Space Laser Race, a universal game, offers two modes, Timed and Survival, each with three difficulty levels. Plus, when run on iPad, there is an extra split screen multiplayer mode, so two players can compete to see who will be the fastest to reach each target. See if you can conquer the challenges of zero gravity and climb the worldwide leaderboards, and earn as many achievements as possible, in this unique and exciting space simulator game.

Believe it or not, Space Laser Race was developed by a 13 year old, eighth grade boy. Perhaps it will inspire you to create your own app!

Space Laser Race is:
OpenFeint enabled.
Kiip enabled! Win real rewards just for playing Space Laser Race!

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