Space Jump – Addictive Ascend

Space Jump is a RPG style jumping game, which was never done and it is the first of its kind.

The idea is that as you jump, you gain experience, and once the experience fills up your character level bar, you level up.

For each point you level up, you can spend it on
* Jump Strength
* Rockets you can fire to propel you very fast
* Bonus time extension, which in turn makes rockets and the spaceship last a lot longer.

There are 9 stages currently to beat, each stage is harder than previous. In a future expansion, we plan to bring more stages.


J.U.M.P. (Jumpers Upholding Macrocosmic Protocol) is calling all Space Cadets!

Sign up and starting training to fight for the galactic good.
You will learn to endure gravitational changes, increase control of your character experience and jump throughout deep space by mastering your devices accelerometer.
With every completed stage, the need for jump strength is crucial for survival.

Our solar system is only the beginning.

Good luck!

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