Space Inversion 2.

Offers in-app purchases ($0.99 - $1.99) Rating: 4+

Space Inversion 2. is a game from merlyn lear, originally released 30th June, 2011


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Space Inversion 2 Review

Space Inversion 2 is inspired in no small way by the 1978 arcade mega-hit Space Invaders. In other words, if you love the furious shooting action that drives Space Invaders, you’ll love Space Inversion 2. And if you hate Space Invaders, just go on and walk away. We’ll see you in the chain gang when our new alien overlords force us to build a giant canon to aim at a planet we’ve never heard of.

In Space Inversion 2, you make your ship scoot along the bottom of the screen while simultaneously firing on columns of alien invaders above. The aliens fire back on you, but you can dodge under one of three (destructible) shields placed just above your ship. Once in a while, a flying saucer will slide across the top of the screen and you can shoot it for mega-points. Your goal is to tally up a high score. These are the basics of Space Invaders/ Space Inversion 2. Chances are, you’re familiar with them.

Invasion of the Lucky Charms marshmallows.

Space Inversion 2 lets you play its mildly counterfeit take on Space Invaders in the game’s “Classic” mode. But the app’s real strength is its “Arcade” mode, which still plays like Space Invaders, but adds cool power-ups. It’s satisfying to chip away at a wall of aliens with a pea shooter, but it’s riveting to atomize them with dual cannons, rapid fire, and lasers that can pierce through an entire row at once.

Arcade mode also offers bonus breaks in between stages, where you blast through asteroid fields or take down waves of those pesky flying saucers that normally taunt you at the top of the screen. The whole package is reminiscent of Namco-Bandai’s neon reboots for series like Pac-Manand Galaga, though Space Inversion 2 isn’t quite as snazzy, nor does it re-invent an old concept as impressively. It still holds its own, though.

Otherwise, there isn’t much to the title: it’s built to satisfy your shooting itch, and it’ll certainly do that. It’s worth noting that the game offers multiple control schemes, which is appreciated. You can control your ship via a virtual control pad (lefties included), or you can use the iPhone’s accelerometer to tilt your ship back and forth. This is a welcome option, as utilizing on-screen controls means that your ship often gets covered up by your big clumsy thumb.

In space, no one can hear your “pew pew pew.”

Space Inversion 2 does contain a couple of annoyances that will ping at you as you play. First, certain ships and gameplay options can only be unlocked via microtransactions. Being limited to one ship until you pay for the rest is a bit irksome for a game you’ve already paid for. To be fair, developers need to hock extra content to ensure they survive– but Space Inversion 2 advertises its purchasable content in between stages, and that’s a bit annoying.

Second, something is odd about the game’s high score counter. High scores seem to get deleted or are rolled back whenever the app is closed and started up again. It’s not certain whether this is a bug, or an oversight on our part.

Nevertheless, Space Inversion 2 is a good way to kill a few hours if you’ve been craving some merciless arcade action. Don’t forget your two-liter bottle of Shasta and your all-Rush mix tape.