Space Holiday

Space Holiday is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Space Holiday Review

Nico is a galactic traveler who is taking a journey through the stars while on vacation– a space holiday, if you will. However, it seems that the locals (read: asteroids) take none-too kindly to lollygagging strangers lurking about in these parts, and are trying to ruin Nico’s good time.

This is where you come in: There are several stars in the sky that can be connected through lines drawn by your own hand to form a constellation, which in turn becomes a star portal through which Nico can travel to reach the next leg on his 80 level tour. There are a few rules that must be adhered to, however: For example, asteroids cannot be within the lines, the lines may not cross, and you must use all stars at your disposal.

Sleeping under the stars.

It sounds simple, but there are certainly a number of tricks involved. For instance, asteroids sometimes move, and you’ll have to wait until they are out of the way to complete the constellation, lending an element of timing to the proceedings. In some cases, you may need to employ the one-time-only special abilities of certain stars, including the asteroid-crushing power of the ninja stars or the star-moving power of plunger stars.

Many of the puzzles are tricky but solvable, though some particularly nefarious levels stick out with a rather devious degree of difficulty among other more mundane puzzles. The very fact that they sell additional items to help you through tough spots via in-app purchase is almost enough to make you wonder if they even can be solved without dropping more money on the game. However, you can still choose to skip a level you’re stuck on and proceed to the next (though you’ll still need to earn a certain number of stars before being allowed to progress to further areas).

Overall, Space Holiday is a simple, fun game with some spots of uneven difficulty. It rides the line of feeling repetitious, but manages to avoid becoming boring over longer periods. This is one holiday you shouldn’t be afraid to take.