Space Encounter HD Lite

Space Encounter brings a big twist to the space war by designing great puzzle-solving gameplay into the space flyer experience. Explore the realms of endless space on your voyage and eliminate all your enemies on your way with Space Encounter.

An astonishing space strategy turn based game, where you have to explore the galaxies and destroy enemy spaceships.

Destroy all the your enemy space ships in each level by shooting them with your laser cannon or luring them into reefs of collision with other enemy space ships or asteroids or Chunks of destroyed ships.
Every strategic move made by you will be countered by an equal and challenging move from the opponent, so get ready for the turn based chaseā€¦!

Space Encounter with logical and strategic game play will keep you insanely hooked on to your iPhone for hours. So get ready for Space Encounter see where you stand in the galaxy with the highest score.

* Exotic and cool graphics along with space backgrounds
* Simple game play controls, tap to move and tap on ship to shoot
* Tools tips will be displayed if you stay idle for 10 seconds after starting the game
* There are 40 exciting furious and mind boggling levels
* Highly rich with Artificial Intelligence (AI)
* Integrated Openfeint and Game center for global scoring

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