Space Crystal

Here comes the puzzle game that kills the most brain cells in the world!!!!!!

The game consists of one hundred levels. In each level, You can drag the crystal blocks outside to build a pattern according to the one inside. The crystal blocks will stick together if they get touched with each other. Be careful!!!

1.The game can be displayed on iPad and iPhone retina.
2.You can create new levels personally, which can be shared and challenged by your friends and relatives.
3.You can upload your self-created game levels to us. Maybe the levels will appear in the game levels of new edition in the future.

Please feel free to email me if you have any comments and suggestions. My E-mail address is

We expect you to pass all the levels as soon as possible!

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Space Crystal

Try legendary game with unique gameplay!
Gems and Stones – Help the aliens on their way home!
Accomplish missions, upgrade bonuses, explore and solve puzzles!
Experience new gameplay features – gems can not only be moved around, they can be merged together, giving new gems types. Plan your strategy through 100+ mission tasks.
Don’t hesitate! Begin the rescue party right now!