Space Connection Academy

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Space Connection is a logic puzzle game with exciting gameplay, beautiful graphics and incredible special effects. You will experience 84 well-designed levels. Each of them can be solved in several ways. The game is unique in the way it exercises your brain – you have to think logically as well as creatively to find the best solution and not just the obvious one.


The free version contains 21 unique levels, is absolutely playable, no built-in In-App Purchase, with no restrictions to play. Enjoy it for free!


8 main reasons you will love Space Connection:
– It’s an indie-project made by a team of two developers. Just like you, we love World of Goo, Contre Jour, Osmos and other games made by small teams.
– Unique gameplay that makes you think both fast and in a creative way.
– Atmospheric sound specially created by the master of “cosmic music” Jan Amit.
– Bright graphics, made in a very special style.
– Game Center support, with a considerable number of achievements.
– Elements of the arcade game will be appreciated by all fans of action games.
– The storyline and 5 unique characters are waiting for you.
– The game is compatible with all iOS devices!

Together with a team of Gravinauts you have to save planets in danger. They are too close to the impending black hole! The planet can be rescued if all the gravitational stabilizers on the orbit are balanced. Do you dare to have a go? The world of Space Connection is waiting for you!

Enjoy the Space video

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