Space Bridge HD

Remember classic handheld electronic game where the wolf catches eggs? “Space Bridge” is the game from the same series! This game was widely produced in 1980’s in USSR. The principle is simple: by controlling a bridge (moving it left/right), you must catch falling astronauts to prevent them falling into burning lava river and transfer them to a safety into a space vehicle! If you like the game, then you’ll definitely love our another game of this series called “Where Are My Eggs?”, where the wolf catches eggs. Check out that one also! And Good Luck!


★ Amazing feeling of the original retro gameplay like never before!!!
★ Precise game logic emulation in Game A and Game B mode
★ Different realistic game console colors to select at your taste!
★ Game A, Game B, Time, Game Reset, Clock Alarm!
★ It can work as a Watch just like the original game did!
★ Increasing of gameplay speed is emulated in high detail when you earn more score! So if you going to earn about 800-900 points, prepare to meet the high-reaction adrenaline madness of falling astronauts just like in the original Elektronika device!!!
★ Retina display graphics, iPhone 5 support
★ Game Center leaderboards support to share your best scores with the other players!
★ New feature: Clock Alarm!


• Where Are My Eggs? (“Ну Погоди!”)
• Frog The Strutter (“Квака-Задавака”)
• Space Flight HD (“Космический Полёт”)
• Mysteries of the Ocean (“Тайны Океана”)
• Merry Footballers (“Веселые Футболисты”)
• Merry Cook (“Веселый Повар”)
• Hockey Electronika (“Хоккей”)
• Hunting HD (“Охота”)
• Night Thieves (“Ночные Воришки”)

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