Space Bots HD

Specially designed Robots are deployed into the space to collect samples for planetary research. The mission is to guide the bots on various planets to collect valuable samples.

The bots travel in a special mothership called the Genesis to outer space to execute the orders. The Genesis collects all the samples and continues its journey in the outer space with various Robots onboard.

While the bots are busy fighting the alien power that try to dissuade the bots from collecting the samples, the bots also need to fuel the Genesis with special energy pack that are available in all these planets.

It’s an awesome action adventure game with futuristic feel, visuals stages, deadly obstacles and an amazing line up of great challenge.

Game Features:

• Energy Orbs and Energy Packs for Survival
• 3 stages of adventure – Green Planet, Frozen and Lava
• 3 Different Robots – GBOT, DEFBOT, SPDBOT
• 3 deadly enemies with 2 kinds of action
• Awesome action and animation in 30 Levels

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