SPA 124th

SPA 124th “The Aerodrome – Lafayette Escadrille”

A 3D air combat game based on the historical facts and accounts by members of the Lafayette Escadrille. The American Volunteer Aces of the Great War.

With Historical Photos and other materials provided by Osprey Publishing Ltd. You get a game full of great detail and an fun dog fighting game over the skies of France.

Fly over 8 different aircraft of the period:
Nieuport 11
Nieuport 17
Nieuport 28C
Sopwith Strutter 1.5 Scout/Bomber

You will go head to head against German/Austrian Aces flying:
AVG V Bombers
Gotha 4/5 Bombers
Albatross D I, II, III
Fokker D III
Fokker DR1
Fokker D VII
plus more surprise encounters hidden in the game.

A total of 15+ missions in a historical based campaign mode. From earning your wings, to a Bombing Raid the Oberndorf Mauser Factories, to finally do your part in the final “Big Push”.

If that is not enough, enjoy Instant Action and take on the Eastern Powers by yourself till you run out of gas or blasted into a ball of flame. Wave after wave of aircraft will attack you and your lone aerodrome on the Western front. Be a true Ace.

This game also includes War Notes, a historical references of all the materials (photos, 3D models, etc.) used to make the this historical based game.

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