SOS Puzzle Free!

BORED of tic-tac-toe? TIRED of the 9-square game board with limited strategies staring at the SAME two letters? UPGRADE to a 49-square board on the iPhone/iPod with SOS!!!

Do you wish you could play a game that CHALLENGES you but is also VERY addictive and fun?? Are you sitting somewhere with a few minutes to spare and looking for a new challenge?

… Bored with tic-tac-toe?
… Need a new, bigger board with greater challenges?
… Wish you could play against someone to show off your superior BRAIN POWER?
… Longing for a quick, fun game to think FASTER?
… Wish you could customize the letters on the board?
… Do you like to customize your game environment?

If you think your BRAIN can handle this game, we dare you to give it a try! (Please remember that becoming addicted to SOS is NOT a valid excuse to skip school and work!!!)

WARNING: this game is not for everyone!! Only those BRAVE enough and with the right stuff should attempt to play this game and challenge the leaders on the global top-score board!!

SOS is packed with features giving the players endless hours of fun and challenges!!

• Play against the computer!
• Play head-to-head against an opponent!
• Submit your scores, initials, and country to the global leader-board!
• See the top three global scores, and the scores surrounding your score!
• Personalize your game with initials, state/province, and country for both players!
• Choose to submit your high-scores… if you’re not scared!!
• Play against three timers: 25, 15, or 5 seconds!!! (The 5-second timer is only for EXTREME NINJA players!)
• Add random BLOCKER squares for a completely different gaming experience!
• Limit the computer to only 5 turns to help you learn the game!
• Change the default SOS letters to any letters you want!
• Customize the square and background colors!! (There is a secret background setting as well… can you find it?)
• Several EASTER EGGS for you enjoyment!! Can you find them all?

Once you have played SOS, you will never go back to the dull tic-tac-toe game that is sooooo boring!!!

At we pride ourselves in delivering solid, quality apps that provide real entertainment for iPad, iPhone, and iPod users. Enjoy!

Please send feedback to as we are always trying to improve our apps!

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