SortMe – Imagination Stairs – Learning game for younger children

A very simple and useful game for younger children. In this game you child will have to solve a very simple task: to sort two different sorts of objects and put them into two different pots. This game is a wonderful finger training exercise and a real eye-catcher, but the most important is how it helps your child to learn numbers.

As your child places an object to the pot, the counter on the pot is displaying a number – how many objects are already in this pot. Because the objects are so beautifully painted, it really makes kids a lot of fun to sort them.

We recommend this game for the following situations:
• If you would like your child to have a lot of fun
• If your child does not like fruits and you want them to see how beautiful the fruits can look and to have a chance to tell your child again how useful it is to eat fruits
• If your child started learning numbers and you want to show them how the numbers look like
• If you do not have time right now to sit down together with your child
• If you are driving a long way with your family and want to occupy kids with something interesting, useful and safe
• If your child never had any experience with iPad or iPhone before

This game has 5 scenes for free. Get some bonus code and even have 5 scenes more!

Imagination Stairs team wishes you and your child to have a lot of fun!

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