Soosiz HD

Rating: 4+

Soosiz HD is a game from Touch Foo, originally released 1st April, 2010


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Soosiz HD Review

Soosiz is one of our absolute favorite 2D side-scrolling platformers for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Its cartoony graphics, vertigo-inducing physics, and spot-on controls make its game world a supremely enjoyable environment to run and jump through. So how does the HD version hold up?

Perfectly. On the iPad’s screen, the high-res graphics are dazzlingly bright, bold, and colorful. And the extra screen real estate makes the game world feel far more immersive than we had anticipated. When you boot it up, it really feels like you leave the boring real world behind and enter a psychedelic cartoon. Once we dove in, we didn’t want to come back.

Small world.

And since the controls are so simple (with buttons for just left, right, and jump), playing the game on the bigger device isn’t awkward or tiring. It feels natural to rest the top of the device on your leg while holding it by the bottom and tapping away at the buttons. Our only issue with the game is that it doesn’t add any new content beyond what was in the iPhone version.

So, while we can’t say there’s a good reason to buy Soosiz HD if you already own it for the iPhone, we can’t recommend it enough to gamers who haven’t experienced it before.

Editor’s Note: This review only covers the content exclusive to the iPad version of this game. For the full game review, click here.