Sonic Pachinko

**ATFinke Productions Legacy App**

A simple yet highly addictive game.  Try Sonic Pachinko today!

Perfect For All Ages: Anyone, no matter age, can become instantly addicted to this game.

Challenge Yourself:  What’s your high score?  Set time limits or limiting the number of balls you can use.

Challenge Your Friends:  Play rounds by time.  See who can get the highest score.  

Challenge The World: Select different modes to compete on Game Center leader boards.
Tilt To Win: Enable tilt in settings and move your phone left and right to try to get the most points possible, or keep tilt off and go for luck.

Unique Sound Experience: With a fun, exciting sound effect collection that blends perfectly with the background music, you’ll never need to put this game on mute.

In-Game Settings: Control your game without having to close out of the app easily.

Easy Download: You can download this app anywhere, no need for wifi.

Never again worry about finding a way to pass the time while you wait in line!  Sonic Pachinko is the game to play!

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