Songster Mobile Studio

Songster Mobile Studio is the first app from music technology and gaming company Mowgli. On its own, the studio application is a playground for your voice. Select from a variety of vocal effects and multi-genre instrumental backing tracks to sing with in real time and hear your transformation. When the right combination strikes that perfect original sound for you, easily record and save the song to your iPhone.

Dig deeper into the virtual rockstar alter ego when Songster Mobile Studio is used to augment our Songster Facebook application. Login with Facebook to access songs you or your friends have created using Songster and start sharing your voice!

Collaborate with friends to create original, professional sounding songs with unbelievable ease. When you make a song from our amazing range of genres using Songster on Facebook, you and your friends will be able to instantly access it and record your vocals.

• Choose from various vocal effects to transform your voice in real time
• Record with multi-genre instrumental tracks and save them to your phone
• Listen to your music and your friends’ music created with Songster on Facebook
• Collaborate with your friends to produce tracks and sing on them, easily creating cutting-edge music

Hardware Recommendations
• Headphones while recording, you don’t want feedback now do you?
• Songster Mobile Studio works best on iPhone 4 and later or iPod touch 4th generation and later

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