Songs With Friends by Rayrok

♫ Challenge your friends in a lyrical Duel ♫

See who can remember songs from the past and be crowned Lyrical Master!

Write lyrics from an existing song using one or more words from the board.

example: If one of the words on the board is “Wind” you could write “You are the wind beneath my wings”.

You score points for each entry. Once all the words on the board have been used the player with the highest score wins and is crowned the lyrical master.

During the game you can get hints, bomb your opponent’s score, protect points with shields, duel or punch you opponent.

★★★★★★★ GAME FEATURES ★★★★★★★

★ Hints
    Can’t remember a lyric? No problem use a Hint!

★ Pass
    These are handy if you lose track of time.

★ Bombs
    Prevent your opponent form scoring big points.

★ Shields
    Protect your points!

★ Punches
    Put your opponent’s skill to the test.

★ Duels
    Challenge your opponent and take away their points.

★ Chat
    Send messages to your opponents.

★ Game History
    Recap all of your games.

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