★ Bored? Got 5 minutes? That can bSolved! ★
★ Waiting for the bus/train? It’s gotta bSolved! ★
★ Like logic games? You need bSolved! ★

Download bSolved to experience a unique collection of logic puzzles, from the exotic to the familiar. With more than 15 games included there’s sure to be something here for you.

You’ve probably come across Mines (aka Minesweeper), Fifteen (aka Gem / Boss puzzle), Guess (aka Mastermind) and Pegs (aka Solitaire), but there are many more.

Don’t worry, each game has rules and instructions to get you started, there’s even a solve feature if you’re really stuck.

Download now and get those brain cells working!

Games Included:
★ Bridges
★ Cube
★ Fifteen
★ Flip
★ Guess
★ Inertia
★ Mines
★ Net
★ Netslide
★ Pegs
★ Range
★ Same Game
★ Signpost
★ Singles
★ Tents
★ Twiddle
★ Untangle

Look out for updates with more games and new features!

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